Lunch today - Courgette and Halloumi triangles

Lunch was a surprisingly yummy delight – Courgette and Halloumi cheese triangles from Marks.

Lovely with dollops of chilli paste and a simple salad of Cucumbers and Tomatoes.

It was very easy to heat the triangles in the air fryer!.

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A selection of delicious pastries - a lovely surprise at work

A lovely surprise at work today – a delicious selection of pastries, a treat by a colleague…

I had a huge Apple square. There were cream eclairs, chocolate and plain doughnuts, cool drinks and more…Bless the kindness and love…

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Lunch today - Quorn sausage roll with salad

Lunch today was a Quorn sausage roll with salad (grated carrots, peppers and onions), coleslaw and potato salad.

Dinner tonight was: Chicken curry, potatoes with lentil dumplings (aloo wadian), cauliflower & potatoes and a Black dal. We don’t always eat Read the rest


Lunch today - yummy instant noodles with broccoli

Lunch today was yummy ‘Koka’ brand instant noodles in a curry flavour. I also added fresh garlic and finely chopped broccoli. Instant noodles come under criticism at times for being unhealthy, but I think if eaten in moderation with some

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