Thoughtful food presents

The best present ever!…Food.. 🙂

A glimpse of my lovely presents from India.

  • Maggi instant noodles in different flavours.
  • Soups (delicious packet mixes).
  • Condiments and spices.
  • Fox nuts – a very popular and protein rich snack!



Steamed semolina cakes with salad

Dinner today: steamed semolina cakes (known as Rava Idli in India) with an unusual salad.

The salad actually was a chilli base from Tesco. It had onions and kidney beans. (suitable for vegetarians). It was lovely and crunchy.

The semolina …


Lunch today at McDonalds

Our food today was  lunch at McDonalds

Cheese Burger & chips, Cheese balls, chicken nuggets meal (with chips and Fanta)

Burger and chips

Chicken nuggets



My dinner today- Paneer bhujia, dal, papad, salad

Dinner tonight was: paneer bhujia (paneer is Indian homemade cottage cheese – bhujia loosely stands for a dry dish, typically made with sauteed onions, tomatoes and condiments and spices), dal (lentils), and the usual accompaniments -salad, papad…

Eaten with Rice …