Onion bread, biscuits and chocolates from Germany

A lovely food present all the way from Germany. My sister-in-law got us some lovely Onion bread, biscuits and chocolates. The bread was lovely – toasted with a spread of Peanut butter.


What a fantastic present!  🙂

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My food today - sweets from Greece


Received some wonderful presents from friends over from Greece.

  • Olive oil
  • Handmade Halva and Baklava. The smaller pack named halva tasted like patisa (an aromatic Indian dessert made from sugar, gram flour, flour, ghee, milk, and cardamom).
    Baklava tasted
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Dinner today was Indian - Chickpea curry and spinach & paneer (Indian cottage cheese)

Dinner today was Indian – Chickpea curry and Spinach & Paneer (Indian cottage cheese).

The chickpeas were from a tin – very handy when there is no time to soak and boil them. To speed things even further, I cooked Read the rest


Indian dinner with roti, lamb mince and lentils

First dinner tonight was:

  • Roti (flatbread)

  • Lamb mince with peas (Keema Matar). The lamb was boiled the previous night. The next morning all the solidified fat was thrown. The lamb mince was then cooked with onions and spices. Lovely with

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