Breakfast and lunch today - Paratha (Indian unleavened bread) with an Omelette, Cheese snacks, Broccoli

Omelette with Paratha

A quick simple breakfast – the dough had already been made, so it was quick to make the bread and the Omelette. It was served as a roll.

Lunch today was: Vegetable spring roll, Cheese stars, Mozzarella

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Lunch today - Poori (deep fried Indian breads) with Aubergines and Potato

A treat for lunch today – Deep fried breads (these are yummy, but high in calories, so, good as an occasional treat!) …. The dry-fry dish of aubergine and potato was an ideal accompaniment!

What was your treat today? Do

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Lunch at a cafe: chicken curry, rice, chips, salad, sausage bap

Cafe lunch today: chicken curry with rice, chips with salad, sausage bap…

Drinks were Fanta, coffee and tea…

chips & salad

sausage bap with tea

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Spinach and Garlic roti (Indian bread) with plain yogurt -a simple, healthy dinner

Dinner tonight was Spinach and Garlic roti (Indian bread) with plain yogurt. The spinach was chopped, steamed and ground. A dough was made with the ground spinach and finely chopped garlic, and seasonings. The dough ball was rolled in the

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Lunch today - Omelette with spinach, peppers and seeded bread

Lunch today was an omelette with spinach, peppers, some seeded bread rolls and a dash of chilli sauce!

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Lunch today - rice noodle soup with peppers

A lovely lunch of a thin soup with peppers and rice noodles. A beautiful harmony of colors and taste. Smoked sea salt, chilli garlic spice and a dash of chilli oil added additional flavours.

rice noodle soup with peppers and chili oil


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