What did you eat today?

Welcome to yourfood.today which is about YOUR food.

It is about sharing your food, cooking, eating out, food experiences, recipes, food experiments, favourite foods, food banter, food places, recipes, food magazines, food books, food tips, food news…just about anything related with food.

I am Neelu, the creator of this blog. I am based in Northern Ireland and my background is in IT. Food is my interest and passion and I invariably end up asking people I know (including the carers for my mother-in-law!) – “so whats for lunch?“, “What are you having for dinner?“. Ever since I started this blog, my family and friends (bless them for their time and support!) have fallen into this habit of taking a picture of their food whenever they can, where ever they can….when they are out, travelling, visiting, and of course cooking!

I think the real food heroes are in the millions of family kitchens all over the world. My aunts, my granny, my cousins, my mother-in-law make such yummy simple food, it is incomparable!…I can’t forget my granny’s Indian bread with butter and sugar. Her Almond milk  drink (before  it really came into vogue and became available in cartons) was called ‘Sardai’, made with blanched almonds, sugar and a bit of Black pepper, amongst other things. My mother-in-law makes this wonderful ‘Chutney chicken‘!…she smears a green chutney (made with coriander, garlic, green chillies, salt and lemon juice) on cooked chicken and puts in the oven for about 15 minutes…delicious!

Please do share your food in here, the more the merrier!

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Thankyou and God Bless….   🙂

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