Groceries for today - A mix of the essentials and not so essentials...

Some groceries from the supermarket

  • Juices (Orange, Apple & Ginger)

  • Fruit – Bananas, Oranges, Mango, Melon

  • Chicken Goujons & Chips, Vegetable Spring Rolls

  • Biscuits – Cadbury ‘Chocolate Roundies’, Shortbread

  • Soups: ‘Naked Noodles’ Ramen soups. I tries the Vietnamese vegetable Pho

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Quinoa with vegetables - Lunch today

Lunch today was : Quinoa with vegetables, a simple and healthy lunch. Quinoa can be made perfectly in the Perfect Cooker, it dries the water and leaves the Quinoa cooked to perfection, fluffy and fully cooked.

Very easy to make

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Lunch today - Courgette and Halloumi triangles

Lunch was a surprisingly yummy delight – Courgette and Halloumi cheese triangles from Marks.

Lovely with dollops of chilli paste and a simple salad of Cucumbers and Tomatoes.

It was very easy to heat the triangles in the air fryer!.

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A selection of delicious pastries - a lovely surprise at work

A lovely surprise at work today – a delicious selection of pastries, a treat by a colleague…

I had a huge Apple square. There were cream eclairs, chocolate and plain doughnuts, cool drinks and more…Bless the kindness and love…

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Pizza with Potato Waffle - food today

Lunch today was : Pepperoni Pizza with Potato Waffle. The waffle substituted for chips.

To cook the waffle perfectly, I use an Airfryer. It is a Godsend for frozen foods. I bought it from Amazon.

It is a basic model

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Quorn Burger & Spinach Omelette for lunch today

Lunch today was: Spinach Omelette, Quorn burger, baked beans and salad.

It was a nourishing yummy lunch, with good sources of protein. “Quorn” vegan spicy burgers are just the perfect food for a simple lunch, not too heavy, a little

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