Produce from our farm

Produce from our farm –

  • Sarson (Mustard Greens)
  • Paalak (Spinach)
  • Methi (Fenugreek greens)
  • Soya, Cholai (Amaranth)
  • Arbi (Colocasia)
  • Baingan – gol and lambe (Aubergine – round and long respectively)
  • Mooli (Radish)
  • Dhaniya (Coriander)
  • Podina (Mint)
  • Mirchi (Chillies)
  • Papaya
  • Ganna (Sugarcane)
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A fishy story

This was in our local supermarket flyer last week . A great way to encourage us to eat more fish !… Read the rest


Dessert today - Indian sweet (Patisa)

Indian sweet for dessert today – Patisa

After a long time, indulged in this lovely, perfectly layered, soft flaky dessert from Haldiram… Read the rest


Homegrown wheatgrass and mint juice with lemon

Wheatgrass and mint juice with lemon

A fantastic early morning drink.

Took early morning. Proven efficacy with deadly diseases apart from building the body’s defense mechanism.… Read the rest


Chicken tikka biryani for lunch....

Chicken tikka biryani for lunch (ready-to-cook from Iceland)… Read the rest


some accompaniments for lunch/dinner

homemade chillie and garlic dip, guacamole and a salad with cucumber, cherry tomato and capers….


salad with capersRead the rest