Lunch today - Poori (deep fried Indian breads) with Aubergines and Potato

A treat for lunch today – Deep fried breads (these are yummy, but high in calories, so, good as an occasional treat!) …. The dry-fry dish of aubergine and potato was an ideal accompaniment!

What was your treat today? Do

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Starters at a wedding - bread, salad, cod

The starters at a wedding:

Vegetarian: Rocket, pear, cheese and walnut salad, garlic bread with cheese, sesame bun.

It was quite nice, and even though I am not a fan of cheese, as sometimes it can be quite strong, the … Read the rest


Onion bread, biscuits and chocolates from Germany

A lovely food present all the way from Germany. My sister-in-law got us some lovely Onion bread, biscuits and chocolates. The bread was lovely – toasted with a spread of Peanut butter.


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Couscous, aubergine and chickpeas

Couscous with aubergine and chickpeas for dinner. The couscous was garlic and tomato flavoured and the aubergine was grilled.… Read the rest


Cottage cheese sandwich with bootea....

Cottage cheese (Indian paneer) with tea….a very simple dinner! The bread was about 90 cals.… Read the rest