Mumbai Chilli Paneer from Iceland

Tried the new Mumbai Chilli Paneer from Iceland. It is ‘Paneer’ (Indian cottage cheese) in a sweet and hot ‘Indo-Chinese’sauce. Quite nice for a change and made for a quick filling meal accompanied with boiled rice.

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Yummy chicken and veg Chinese stir fry

Yummy chicken and veg Chinese stir fry served with rice. I had mine with additional (whole) dried red chillies!

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snack/light lunch - vegetable spring rolls, potato bread and broccoli

Lunch today – a fusion of Chinese and Irish – spring rolls, potato bread and broccoli.

Lovely with chilli oil and chilli garlic sauce.

The sauces are available from Amazon.




snacks for lunch

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Lunchtime - Soup with vegetables

Lunch today:

Manchow vegetable cuppa soup with steamed vegetables….

These soups are a delightful present from my sister in India.

Also, they are delicious, very handy and a complete meal with some added vegetables.

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sweetcorn veg soup for lunch

Sweetcorn soup for lunch.
Lunch today was sweetcorn veg soup (from a packet mix – a lovely and thoughtful present from my family in India)

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Chinese takeaway dinner - chicken fried rice, chicken with blackbean sauce, chicken chopsuey

Dinner for the non vegetarians tonight: A Chinese takeaway…

Chicken fried rice.

Chicken in blackbean sauce with boiled rice.

Chicken chopsuey with boiled rice.


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