Cafe lunch today - Chicken nuggets, chips, salad, Irish dinner

Lunch today was in our favourite local cafe – Chicken Nuggets & Chips, Salad & Chips and a typical Irish dinner – Meat, Vegetables and Potatoes…

Drinks were Coffee, Juice and Tea

Did you eat anything nice or comforting today?

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snack/light lunch - vegetable spring rolls, potato bread and broccoli

Lunch today – a fusion of Chinese and Irish – spring rolls, potato bread and broccoli.

Lovely with chilli oil and chilli garlic sauce.

The sauces are available from Amazon.




snacks for lunch

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Chicken nuggets with Chips

Dinner tonight;

Chicken nuggets cooked in the oven with chips, gravy, coleslaw and potato salad.

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Chicken with veg and mash for dinner

Dinner today was Chicken balls with mashed potato (lovingly scooped!), Broccoli, Potato salad and Coleslaw.


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Irish breakfast (eggs, sausages, beans, mushrooms, toast, coffee)

Typical Irish breakfast at a local cafe: eggs (fried and omelette), beans, sausages, grilled mushrooms, toast, juice and coffee.

We walked the peace bridge and discovered the cafe on the other side.

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Irish breakfast at a local cafe

A lovely morning meal at a warm, friendly and welcoming cafe.

Breakfast: Chicken nuggets with chips – (an unusual choice by my son for breakfast, but thanks to the lovely staff at the cafe, he got his choice).

chicken nuggets and chips

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