Pizza with Potato Waffle - food today

Lunch today was : Pepperoni Pizza with Potato Waffle. The waffle substituted for chips.

To cook the waffle perfectly, I use an Airfryer. It is a Godsend for frozen foods. I bought it from Amazon.

It is a basic model

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The food today: Pasta for lunch and Indian chicken curry for dinner

Food today:

Lunch: Penne Pasta with a sauce made with packet vegetable cup-a-soup. For extra nutrition and body, I added freshly steamed vegetables.

Dinner tonight was: Indian Chicken curry, and sauteed baby potatoes. The accompaniments were roti (Indian flatbread) and Read the rest


Omelettes and pizza for dinner

Omelettes and pizza for dinner

Dinner tonight was:

(1) Plain omelettes (with fried tomatoes) and omelettes with broccoli. The tomatoes were nearly charred in the pan and sprinkled with sea salt. Another accompaniment was a green chutney made with coriander, Read the rest


Pizza for dinner tonight

Dinner tonight was:

Chilli chicken with salad and sauce.

chilli chicken with salad

Pizza with Sweetcorn, Chicken and pepperoni, with chips and a garlic-herb dip.

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Dinner tonight - pizza, chips, salad

Dinners tonight were: (1) pizza, chips and salad.

(2) Veggie pasty (from Greggs, bought in Iceland) with chips, salad and broccoli.

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