Dinner tonight - Pooris (deep fried breads) with curry and Tamarind onions

Dinner tonight – Pooris (deep fried breads) with curry and Tamarind onions.

Pooris are unleavened breads which are deep fried and typically eaten with a curry. But they are equally delicious on their own with just some pickle. I made Read the rest


Cream in milk in the pattern of a Rose

I poured the milk in the pan and the cream on top took the shape of a Rose on its own!….delightful!

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Main course and desserts at a wedding

Main courses and desserts at a wedding we recently went to:

Turkey and ham

turkey and ham

Vegetable pie: Puff pastry with a stew of chickpeas, butternut squash, ginger and tomatoes.

vegetable pie

Kiddies got: Chicken goujons & chips  🙂

Chicken goujons


And the desserts were Read the rest


lunch today - beetroot and ham sandwiches

Lunch today was beetroot and ham sandwiches with olives, melon wedges and crisps.

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Lamb cooked in clay pot in the oven

Cooked lamb in the clay pot in the oven.  It took about 5 hours. The meat just fell off the bone. It’s fusion Greek and Turkish lamb. We had it with salad and couscous.

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Quorn vegetarian fishless fingers with broccoli

Quorn vegetarian ‘fishless fingers’ with broccoli

Tried ‘Quorn’ battered vegetarian ‘fishless fingers’. Quite nice for a change, but other ‘Quorn’ products such as Quorn Spinach And Red Pepper Slices are nicer. 

A nice simple lunch.

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