Quorn Burger & Spinach Omelette for lunch today

Lunch today was: Spinach Omelette, Quorn burger, baked beans and salad.

It was a nourishing yummy lunch, with good sources of protein. “Quorn” vegan spicy burgers are just the perfect food for a simple lunch, not too heavy, a little

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Cafe lunch today - Chicken nuggets, chips, salad, Irish dinner

Lunch today was in our favourite local cafe – Chicken Nuggets & Chips, Salad & Chips and a typical Irish dinner – Meat, Vegetables and Potatoes…

Drinks were Coffee, Juice and Tea

Did you eat anything nice or comforting today?

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Lunch today - yummy instant noodles with broccoli

Lunch today was yummy ‘Koka’ brand instant noodles in a curry flavour. I also added fresh garlic and finely chopped broccoli. Instant noodles come under criticism at times for being unhealthy, but I think if eaten in moderation with some

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Lunch today - Quorn spicy (vegan) burgers

Lunch today was ‘Quorn Vegan Hot & Spicy Burgers‘. The burgers are quite nice.

The crust is crunchy and very delicious!

Served with chips, coleslaw, salad and a sprinkling of cornish chilli sea salt!

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Dry urad dal today, for lunch...

Lunch today – Dry Urad dal. The grains of the dal are separate and not too soft, as in wet dal. It is tempered with Asafoetida, Cumin seed and Onions.

Though this time it is made in the pan, it

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Lunch today - Rice with peas and chicken, served with natural yogurt

Simple lunch today – Rice with peas and chicken, served with natural yogurt.

Nearly everyone’s favorite!

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