Snack today - chickpeas salad

A quick and spicy snack today – Chickpeas salad! The chickpeas were from the tin (already boiled). The other additions were:

  • cucumber

  • tomato

  • onion

  • radish

  • spices (garam masala powder, coriander powder)

  • seasonings (salt, black pepper, lemon juice)

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Vegetable fritters - an all time favorite snack

Vegetable fritters – A universal favourite

Served today with – Tzatziki (a dip made from yogurt mixed with cucumbers) from Marks & Spencer. The vegetables used were Onions, Spinach, Potato, cauliflower & Broccoli.

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My daughter's lovely, sweet and warm treat for us - Lebkuchen!

My daughter baked these lovely Lebkuchen biscuits! and 94! of these, no less!

Lebkuchen is a German biscuit similar to gingerbread.

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Snack today - Poppadoms with salad

Snack today – Poppadoms with salad

A very simple, traditional Indian snack. Poppadom (papad) roasted on the fire accompanied with a salad of finely cut onions, cucumber and tomato dressed in a lime juice and chili garlic paste dressing.

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Cake, biscuits and chutney for tea....

Lovely food surprise today

A relative brought us yummy, thoughtful and loving presents for tea…

A caramel latte sponge cake, shortbread and homemade tomato, garlic and ginger chutney!..absolutely yummy


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a healthy snack - Whitworths toffee and pecan shots

These Whitworths shots are great for snacking. They are 99 calories per shot, and can easily satisfy a sweet craving. I like the toffee and pecan, but they are available in other flavours as well.

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