Lunch today - Courgette and Halloumi triangles

Lunch was a surprisingly yummy delight – Courgette and Halloumi cheese triangles from Marks.

Lovely with dollops of chilli paste and a simple salad of Cucumbers and Tomatoes.

It was very easy to heat the triangles in the air fryer!.

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Inspiration for your food today - Quorn fajita strips with salad

A lovely simple lunch today, (hopefully an inspiration for your food today as well!)

Quorn fajita strips with a salad of cucumber, tomato and onions. Some of the recent quorn products, especially their vegan range is quite nice. Apart from

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Lunch today - oven baked vegetables and smoothie

Lunch today was: oven baked vegetables (Green beans and Mushrooms) and a Protein rich smoothie.

The vegetables were seasoned with Cornish sea salts (Smoked and Chilli flavors), garlic granules, a dash of oil and soy sauce. The smoothie was made

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Lunch today - baked potato with beans and sauteed paneer (Indian cottage cheese)

Lunch today – baked potato with beans and sauteed paneer (Indian cottage cheese)

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Produce from our farm

Produce from our farm –

  • Sarson (Mustard Greens)
  • Paalak (Spinach)
  • Methi (Fenugreek greens)
  • Soya, Cholai (Amaranth)
  • Arbi (Colocasia)
  • Baingan – gol and lambe (Aubergine – round and long respectively)
  • Mooli (Radish)
  • Dhaniya (Coriander)
  • Podina (Mint)
  • Mirchi (Chillies)
  • Papaya
  • Ganna (Sugarcane)
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Quorn veggie burger with salad and vegetables for dinner

Quorn burger for dinner

Dinner was pan fried quorn burger with a finely minced salsa – type salad accompanied with oven roasted sweet potato and aubergine.

The burger bread was ‘sesame & linseed’ sandwich bread at just 90 calories.

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