Fenugreek is a lovely fragrant green. It takes time to prep it, but the end result is worth it.

  • pick the leaves
  • wash thoroughly.It is easy to wash in an over-the-sink-strainer as the hands are free to wash the leaves thoroughly with the water running on top of the strainer. Available at Amazon
  • sometimes it gets a bit tedious to cut the leaves fine.  An excellent tip from my mother-in-law is to grind the leaves. It works for me anyway  🙂
  • saute the ground fenugreek in a bit of oil with some salt and turmeric. This way even if you are not ready to cook it the same day, it will keep for a couple of days
  •  you could knead some dough with the fenugreek and make lovely breads
  • I opted to cook with potatoes, a very common and much loved dish, known in Indian/hindi as ‘Aloo Methi’. Aloo is potatoes and Methi is fenugreek
  • I sauteed the potatoes in oil with some spices and when nearly cooked I added the fenugreek, as it was already cooked


fenugreek leaves picked

  • leaves picked and put in the strainer

leaves getting washed in over the sink strainer

  • leaved getting washed

washed fenugreek getting ground

  • leaved ground

sauteed fenugreek

sauteed fenugreek

fenugreek & potato

the end result – fenugreek and potato



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