Food for Diwali:

Yesterday was Diwali – the festival of light.

It was treats all the way:

We cooked fritters (Pakodas). Pakoda is a deep fried fritter. It can be made with potatoes, spinach, cauliflower, onions and paneer (Indian cottage cheese) amongst many other things. The veg is cut into similar size pieces, coated in a gramflour batter (which has been seasoned) and deep fried.

Food also included deep fried breads (pooris) with a potato curry. The flour was kneaded with finely cut spinach, a bit of salt and water. It was then rolled into small balls of dough and deep fried. Heavenly!!!. The curry was made with boiled potatoes in a tomato garlic sauce.

The desserts were lovely: ‘peda barfi’ (balls of fudge) and ‘gulab jamun’ – balls made with (khoya: thickened milk) deep fried and then dunked in a sugary syrup.


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