Food market called the ‘Walled city Market’:

Some lovely stalls in the market capturing the spirit of Halloween in a very creative manner!…

An interesting menu at ‘Simply Irresistible – gourmet burgers’  ( –

Shooting star hotdogs, Eclipse burger, melting pot soup, spooky fries with slime‘!!!…

simply irresistible gourmet burgers

creative halloween menu

creative halloween menu

At another stall (, there was this lovely setting of a man/ghost with a carved pumpkin face, on a swing.

scary pumpkin face

scary pumpkin face

coffee and cream

At another stall selling Marshmallows (, there was this lovely display in keeping with the Halloween spirit.

marshmallows at Mallow Mia


And a skeleton enjoying his wine!

halloween in derry

halloween in derry




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