Lunch today was: oven baked vegetables (Green beans and Mushrooms) and a Protein rich smoothie.

The vegetables were seasoned with Cornish sea salts (Smoked and Chilli flavors), garlic granules, a dash of oil and soy sauce. The smoothie was made with berry flavored Protein powder, almond milk and milled flax seed mix.

The Cornish sea salts are available from Amazon


Green beans ready for the oven

green beans seasoned and ready for the oven

Mushrooms ready for the oven

mushrooms seasoned and ready for the oven

Berry flavored smoothie in Almond milk

mixed berry protein smoothie

The finished smoothie

smoothie ready to consume

The smoothie maker is available from Amazon at a good price. I bought it £29.99, it is available at the time of writing for £18.50.



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