Lunch today was plain rice served with a gramflour and yogurt curry. Asafoetida, Cumin seeds, Mustard seeds and Fenugreek seeds are sizzled in hot oil. Then a mixture made with buttermilk, gramflour, seasonings and garlic is poured slowly in and whisked continously so the mixture doesn’t curdle. Vegetables can be added at this stage, if desired.

When the mixture is cooked, it can be garnished with fried onions, Onion bhajis can be put in, or any kind of fritters can be put in such as Spinach fritters, aubergine fritters etc. This ‘Kadhi’ is slightly sour in taste, and lovely with fried whole red chillies.

I remember, in India, the priest from the local temple used to come home to officiate for various religious ceremonies. This way of life builds lifelong bonds.When we would go to the temple, the priest would always take us to his living quarters and his wife would serve us this kadhi!…it was to die for!…the best I have ever eaten…

That was my wee story about this ‘Kadhi’…Do share your food stories too, as ‘Yourfood.Today’ is all about food stories from one another!…  🙂




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