A selection of delicious pastries - a lovely surprise at work

A lovely surprise at work today – a delicious selection of pastries, a treat by a colleague…

I had a huge Apple square. There were cream eclairs, chocolate and plain doughnuts, cool drinks and more…Bless the kindness and love…

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Pizza with Potato Waffle - food today

Lunch today was : Pepperoni Pizza with Potato Waffle. The waffle substituted for chips.

To cook the waffle perfectly, I use an Airfryer. It is a Godsend for frozen foods. I bought it from Amazon.

It is a basic model

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Quorn Burger & Spinach Omelette for lunch today

Lunch today was: Spinach Omelette, Quorn burger, baked beans and salad.

It was a nourishing yummy lunch, with good sources of protein. “Quorn” vegan spicy burgers are just the perfect food for a simple lunch, not too heavy, a little

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Cafe lunch today - Chicken nuggets, chips, salad, Irish dinner

Lunch today was in our favourite local cafe – Chicken Nuggets & Chips, Salad & Chips and a typical Irish dinner – Meat, Vegetables and Potatoes…

Drinks were Coffee, Juice and Tea

Did you eat anything nice or comforting today?

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