Snack today - chickpeas salad

A quick and spicy snack today – Chickpeas salad! The chickpeas were from the tin (already boiled). The other additions were:

  • cucumber

  • tomato

  • onion

  • radish

  • spices (garam masala powder, coriander powder)

  • seasonings (salt, black pepper, lemon juice)

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Food today was a present from Germany - Indian sweet potato soup

A literally sweet and a heart warming present! – all the way from Germany!…my sister-in-law got us this soup, it was yummy!… 🙂

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Dry urad dal today, for lunch...

Lunch today – Dry Urad dal. The grains of the dal are separate and not too soft, as in wet dal. It is tempered with Asafoetida, Cumin seed and Onions.

Though this time it is made in the pan, it

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Lunch today - oven baked vegetables and smoothie

Lunch today was: oven baked vegetables (Green beans and Mushrooms) and a Protein rich smoothie.

The vegetables were seasoned with Cornish sea salts (Smoked and Chilli flavors), garlic granules, a dash of oil and soy sauce. The smoothie was made

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