Dinner tonight - pizza, chips, salad

Dinners tonight were: (1) pizza, chips and salad.

(2) Veggie pasty (from Greggs, bought in Iceland) with chips, salad and broccoli.

ipizza and chips

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Lunch today: vegetable balls

Lunch today was: vegetable balls from IKEA, veggie mix, chilli sauce and toast.


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Cauliflower with flatbreads for dinner

Dinner last night was cauliflower with potato, flatbreads and a cucumber – yogurt smoothie.

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Baked potato with baked beans for lunch

Lunch today was: baked potatoes with butter and baked beans. Just smash the whole potatoes gently, once they have cooked (I use a side of a rolling pin), then add the butter and baked beans.

The potatoes were scrubbed, scored

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