Lunch today:

(1) Hot and sour soup (from a packet mix) with added broccoli.

hot and sour soup

hot and sour soup

(2) Vegetable barley soup.  It is made with barley mix and vegetables.

The barley mix (with lentils) comes in a packet mix. The vegetables (a mix of carrots, parsley, onions etc) come washed and ready to use. The barley mix is boiled initially in stock for about 10 minutes. (I used Knorr stock pots:

Then the vegetables are added, till they are cooked and become soft. The soup is absolutely delicious and very healthy too.

Sandwiches: The sandwiches were ham, cheese and coleslaw.

Salad: The salad was made with chopped spring onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and cubed paneer (Indian cheese).

salad with paneer

salad with paneer






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