Breakfast and lunch today - Paratha (Indian unleavened bread) with an Omelette, Cheese snacks, Broccoli

Omelette with Paratha

A quick simple breakfast – the dough had already been made, so it was quick to make the bread and the Omelette. It was served as a roll.

Lunch today was: Vegetable spring roll, Cheese stars, Mozzarella

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Quorn vegetarian fishless fingers with broccoli

Quorn vegetarian ‘fishless fingers’ with broccoli

Tried ‘Quorn’ battered vegetarian ‘fishless fingers’. Quite nice for a change, but other ‘Quorn’ products such as Quorn Spinach And Red Pepper Slices are nicer. 

A nice simple lunch.

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snack/light lunch - vegetable spring rolls, potato bread and broccoli

Lunch today – a fusion of Chinese and Irish – spring rolls, potato bread and broccoli.

Lovely with chilli oil and chilli garlic sauce.

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snacks for lunch

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Omelettes and pizza for dinner

Omelettes and pizza for dinner

Dinner tonight was:

(1) Plain omelettes (with fried tomatoes) and omelettes with broccoli. The tomatoes were nearly charred in the pan and sprinkled with sea salt. Another accompaniment was a green chutney made with coriander, Read the rest


Chicken with veg and mash for dinner

Dinner today was Chicken balls with mashed potato (lovingly scooped!), Broccoli, Potato salad and Coleslaw.


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Chicken nuggets dinner.....

Chicken nuggets, sandwich and broccoli…. … Read the rest