Lunch today - Quorn sausage roll with salad

Lunch today was a Quorn sausage roll with salad (grated carrots, peppers and onions), coleslaw and potato salad.

Dinner tonight was: Chicken curry, potatoes with lentil dumplings (aloo wadian), cauliflower & potatoes and a Black dal. We don’t always eat Read the rest


breakfast and lunch - Idli sambar and cauliflower with peas

Idli (steamed rice cakes),  sambar (spicy yellow lentils) followed by coffee – That was Sunday breakfast.

Lunch today was: Gobhi matter ki sabzi  (dry dish made with cauliflower and peas, subzi is a generic name given to vegetables) with adrak

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Lunch - Chicken curry, Cauliflower, yogurt and Naan bread

Lunch – Chicken curry, cauliflower, yogurt and naan bread

Lovely with green chilli.

A delicious Indian lunch, the naan bread comes frozen (from a company called Haldiram). Very handy and soft when heated.

I use this bread warmer to heat Read the rest


egg whites and steamed cauliflower and spinach

Dinner: Boiled egg whites with steamed cauliflower and spinach…and a green chilli for spice…… Read the rest


Steamed cauliflower for lunch, chickpeas for dinner

Lunch today was steamed cauliflower with quorn patties – all with chilli oil. Dinner tonight was boiled chickpeas with green peppers…

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Cauliflower with flatbreads for dinner

Dinner last night was cauliflower with potato, flatbreads and a cucumber – yogurt smoothie.

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