A heart warming story of generosity, kindness and food.

A heart warming story of generosity, kindness and food.

Today I had three vegetables from three different earthy kitchens around our farm. The workers live on the farmland in huts and they cook in open air kitchens on stoves made … Read the rest


Slow food festival - Pottery and jams, marmalade etc

Food event:

Last week there was a slow food festival in Derry. There was a variety of stalls. Sharing some pictures of a lovely company named ‘baked in Belfast’. They bake lovely pottery such as platters in beautiful colours and … Read the rest


Cake, biscuits and chutney for tea....

Lovely food surprise today

A relative brought us yummy, thoughtful and loving presents for tea…

A caramel latte sponge cake, shortbread and homemade tomato, garlic and ginger chutney!..absolutely yummy


 … Read the rest


Indian festive meal


Sharing a festive meal (from a festival in August)

Pyaaz Kachori  (Breads filled with onions and deep fried) with saunth (a dip made with a combination of tamarind, jaggery and ginger)
Daal baati churma. It is a dish comprising
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