The food today: Pasta for lunch and Indian chicken curry for dinner

Food today:

Lunch: Penne Pasta with a sauce made with packet vegetable cup-a-soup. For extra nutrition and body, I added freshly steamed vegetables.

Dinner tonight was: Indian Chicken curry, and sauteed baby potatoes. The accompaniments were roti (Indian flatbread) and Read the rest


Lunch today - White rice with Kadhi (A gramflour and yogurt curry)

Lunch today was plain rice served with a gramflour and yogurt curry. Asafoetida, Cumin seeds, Mustard seeds and Fenugreek seeds are sizzled in hot oil. Then a mixture made with buttermilk, gramflour, seasonings and garlic is poured slowly in and

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Lunch - Chicken curry, Cauliflower, yogurt and Naan bread

Lunch – Chicken curry, cauliflower, yogurt and naan bread

Lovely with green chilli.

A delicious Indian lunch, the naan bread comes frozen (from a company called Haldiram). Very handy and soft when heated.

I use this bread warmer to heat Read the rest


Food today was an exceptional gesture of kindness

Food today was exceptional. A very kind aunt brought food cooked in the local Gurudwara (sikh temple). She got it home for us as my mother-in-law can’t travel. Bless this kindness and love.

The food was:

  • A fried bread
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Festival food - fritters and sweets

Food for Diwali:

Yesterday was Diwali – the festival of light.

It was treats all the way:

We cooked fritters (Pakodas). Pakoda is a deep fried fritter. It can be made with potatoes, spinach, cauliflower, onions and paneer (Indian cottage … Read the rest


Mehmoodabad food festival

Went out for an evening of food and music. The event is called ‘Mehmoodabad Food festival’. The food was to die for!

Amongst the many delights were; Saffron chickenpotato curry made with fried potatoes, Spicy chicken (slow Read the rest