Mumbai Chilli Paneer from Iceland

Tried the new Mumbai Chilli Paneer from Iceland. It is ‘Paneer’ (Indian cottage cheese) in a sweet and hot ‘Indo-Chinese’sauce. Quite nice for a change and made for a quick filling meal accompanied with boiled rice.

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Dinner today was Indian - Chickpea curry and spinach & paneer (Indian cottage cheese)

Dinner today was Indian – Chickpea curry and Spinach & Paneer (Indian cottage cheese).

The chickpeas were from a tin – very handy when there is no time to soak and boil them. To speed things even further, I cooked Read the rest


My dinner today- Paneer bhujia, dal, papad, salad

Dinner tonight was: paneer bhujia (paneer is Indian homemade cottage cheese – bhujia loosely stands for a dry dish, typically made with sauteed onions, tomatoes and condiments and spices), dal (lentils), and the usual accompaniments -salad, papad…

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