Quorn Burger & Spinach Omelette for lunch today

Lunch today was: Spinach Omelette, Quorn burger, baked beans and salad.

It was a nourishing yummy lunch, with good sources of protein. “Quorn” vegan spicy burgers are just the perfect food for a simple lunch, not too heavy, a little

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Inspiration for your food today - Quorn fajita strips with salad

A lovely simple lunch today, (hopefully an inspiration for your food today as well!)

Quorn fajita strips with a salad of cucumber, tomato and onions. Some of the recent quorn products, especially their vegan range is quite nice. Apart from

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Lunch today - Quorn spicy (vegan) burgers

Lunch today was ‘Quorn Vegan Hot & Spicy Burgers‘. The burgers are quite nice.

The crust is crunchy and very delicious!

Served with chips, coleslaw, salad and a sprinkling of cornish chilli sea salt!

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Quorn vegetarian fishless fingers with broccoli

Quorn vegetarian ‘fishless fingers’ with broccoli

Tried ‘Quorn’ battered vegetarian ‘fishless fingers’. Quite nice for a change, but other ‘Quorn’ products such as Quorn Spinach And Red Pepper Slices are nicer. 

A nice simple lunch.

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Quorn veggie burger with salad and vegetables for dinner

Quorn burger for dinner

Dinner was pan fried quorn burger with a finely minced salsa – type salad accompanied with oven roasted sweet potato and aubergine.

The burger bread was ‘sesame & linseed’ sandwich bread at just 90 calories.

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quorn mince dinner....

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