Cafe lunch today - Chicken nuggets, chips, salad, Irish dinner

Lunch today was in our favourite local cafe – Chicken Nuggets & Chips, Salad & Chips and a typical Irish dinner – Meat, Vegetables and Potatoes…

Drinks were Coffee, Juice and Tea

Did you eat anything nice or comforting today?

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Inspiration for your food today - Quorn fajita strips with salad

A lovely simple lunch today, (hopefully an inspiration for your food today as well!)

Quorn fajita strips with a salad of cucumber, tomato and onions. Some of the recent quorn products, especially their vegan range is quite nice. Apart from

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Food today - scrambled eggs for lunch & spinach, lentils and roti for dinner

Food today was:

Lunch: Scrambled eggs with chopped spring onions and baked beans.

Dinner : Lentils, spinach, natural yogurt and salad with roti (Indian bread). The lentils were boiled and tempered with mustard and cumin seeds. The spinach was steamed

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Lunch today - Quorn spicy (vegan) burgers

Lunch today was ‘Quorn Vegan Hot & Spicy Burgers‘. The burgers are quite nice.

The crust is crunchy and very delicious!

Served with chips, coleslaw, salad and a sprinkling of cornish chilli sea salt!

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Lunch at a cafe: chicken curry, rice, chips, salad, sausage bap

Cafe lunch today: chicken curry with rice, chips with salad, sausage bap…

Drinks were Fanta, coffee and tea…

chips & salad

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Steamed semolina cakes with salad

Dinner today: steamed semolina cakes (known as Rava Idli in India) with an unusual salad.

The salad actually was a chilli base from Tesco. It had onions and kidney beans. (suitable for vegetarians). It was lovely and crunchy.

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