Quorn Burger & Spinach Omelette for lunch today

Lunch today was: Spinach Omelette, Quorn burger, baked beans and salad.

It was a nourishing yummy lunch, with good sources of protein. “Quorn” vegan spicy burgers are just the perfect food for a simple lunch, not too heavy, a little

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Food today - scrambled eggs for lunch & spinach, lentils and roti for dinner

Food today was:

Lunch: Scrambled eggs with chopped spring onions and baked beans.

Dinner : Lentils, spinach, natural yogurt and salad with roti (Indian bread). The lentils were boiled and tempered with mustard and cumin seeds. The spinach was steamed

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Spinach and Garlic roti (Indian bread) with plain yogurt -a simple, healthy dinner

Dinner tonight was Spinach and Garlic roti (Indian bread) with plain yogurt. The spinach was chopped, steamed and ground. A dough was made with the ground spinach and finely chopped garlic, and seasonings. The dough ball was rolled in the

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Lunch today - Omelette with spinach, peppers and seeded bread

Lunch today was an omelette with spinach, peppers, some seeded bread rolls and a dash of chilli sauce!

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Dinner today was Indian - Chickpea curry and spinach & paneer (Indian cottage cheese)

Dinner today was Indian – Chickpea curry and Spinach & Paneer (Indian cottage cheese).

The chickpeas were from a tin – very handy when there is no time to soak and boil them. To speed things even further, I cooked Read the rest


Lunch today - spinach flatbread with yogurt and potatoes

Lunch today was:

  • Spinach roti (Indian flatbread). The spinach was steamed, then ground with fresh garlic. The dough was kneaded with the ground spinach, water and condiments and made into breads after proving/proofing/blooming.
  • Potatoes curry (dry). The potatoes were boiled,
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